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Industry advantage

1. frontier technology

Absorbing advanced technology from Germany, Italy, the United States and Japan. The introduction of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Ningbo University, Zhejiang University Taizhou Research Institute and other institutions of higher learning industry leaders. Gather all kinds of high-end talents wisdom, dare to open up and innovate. High-end technical solutions based on product practicability, reliability, cutting-edge and personalized matching are established in the industry.

2. excellent products

Adhering to the pursuit of excellence, strive for first-class enterprise spirit, adhere to the implementation of ISO management system, the use of international cutting-edge technology and unique production technology to improve each product, strive to achieve the ultimate. Win the market with excellent quality, reasonable price and high cost performance ratio. The product has high strength, light weight, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, green environmental protection and so on. It is widely used in aerospace, high-speed rail, automobile, ship and electronic and electrical fields.

3. serve with heart and soul

In line with the business philosophy of customer first and win-win cooperation, we promise to carry out omni-directional tracking service for each product sold, and arrange special technical personnel to solve various problems in the use of customers until customer satisfaction.

4. quality platform

The company is Zhejiang Province "1000 people plan" and Taizhou "500 elite plan" talent entrepreneurship project settled in enterprises. Located in the dream park of Taizhou hi tech Zone, Huangyan, the capital city of mould industry, is the industrial chain of West China manufacturing capital. The industry has a high starting point and strong production technology. The government gives great support in finance, land and resource allocation, which is the strong backing of the company's development.

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